Why we charge what we do

I’ve had a few requests for reductions lately and some very cheeky emails from booking agents such as Bookingdotcom suggesting I reduce my price.  Following from a friend’s comments on FB, here are the things I have to take into account when pricing just ONE night here:

Cotisations:                            13%                                    6 euros

tax:                                           1%                                  0,8 euros

Commissions (average over various sites and direct):     4 euros

payment fee:                            2%                                  1,50 euros

Heating & hot water:                                                        3 euros

rates/taxes/insurance:                                                    1,50 euros

laundry:                                                                        10,00 euros

cleaning:                                                                       20,00 euros

Pool maintenance/cleaning:                                         10,00 euros

Consumables/welcome pack/breakages etc                 6,00 euros


This is why we ask guests to BOOK DIRECT with us (to save them paying commission we never see), why we are Planet Friendly (reducing electricity costs, recycling and saving water), and why we offer great accommodation for a great price.


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