Urval with stars very near to GiteleBoisvert holiday home in Meyrals, Dordogne...

stargazing nights

Some of you may be aware that I like to creep about in the dark taking night photographs. Sometimes I even get them to look good. Here are a couple more night shots. Firstly Urval, a small village (with an excellent bar/restaurant that I need to try soon) just 20 minutes from our gites.

And also a small chapel near to Castelnaud la Chapelle. This came out well, even capturing a shooting star (Im not always this lucky!). Here in south Dordogne we can see the Milky Way for a longer time than you can in the UK, but Im looking forward to April and May and the real Milky Way season for some more photos. I use a Nikon D600 with a 14mm lens at f2.8 from between 9 and 15 seconds. All my photos are single shots.

chapel and stars.

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