Rainy Day? No problem!

freize of the mammoths


So, the weather has been rainy, so we thought we would try an activity suitable for rainy weather and went to the Grotte de Rouffignac, just a half hour drive North from us.  We stopped for a very acceptable lunch in Rouffignac itself at the Rennaissance Hotel, and then arrived at the caves at 2pm sharp(remember, lots of attractions shut for the 2 hr lunch period, so always check).

One of the attractions here is the little electric train.  Great for elderly, slightly movement impaired and children, the little train takes you deep into the cave system, and its a BIG cave system.  There are over 250 drawings on the ceilings and walls and although the tour is in French, the guides do point out many things in English, (and you can hire a wee electric gismo that tells you everything in whatever language for a hire of 1,30 euros).

For the price of under the cost of a pint of beer here you have admission to a real, authentic cave with real, authentic prehistoric art.  Well worth it.  Allow an hour and a half for the tour, and take a jacket or thick jumper – its cold underground.  http://www.grottederouffignac.fr/index.php/en/

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