cleaning and disinfectant products used to prepare your accommodation.

Hygiene at Le Bois Vert

We keep the gites very clean – taking, on average a total of 8 cleaning hours per gite each changeover. Dishes and glasses are put through a hot wash on the dishwasher, all bedding and towels thoroughly cleaned on a hot wash with anti-viral cleaner. Floors are steam cleaned and the pool is strictly monitored and the chlorine is proven to kill Covid 19 and other nasties!

We take cleanliness very seriously and internal surfaces in the gite are wiped down with a special dilute bleach formulation designed to sanitize. There has been NO outbreak of Covid 19 in our area and we want to keep it that way. We have stringent tests and checks and are happy to improve on the controls the government suggest. After all – we live here too!

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