Gouffre de Proumessac

Gouffre de proumeyssac

John and I visited the Gouffre de Proumessac, the ‘Cathedral of Crystal’ and I have to say it exceeded my expectations.  Just a 15 minute drive from Gite Le Bois Vert, it’s very well set out with good parking, a delightful cafe, toilets and play area for children.  The caves are entered via  a pedestrian tunnel, and we enjoyed a delightful 45 minute tour of the vast cave.  If you’re feeling really brave you can opt for the tour in the descending basket (not for me, I don’t like heights).  It’s open all year except January, reasonably priced and suitable for ages 6 years and above(although we did see toddlers being carried).  There are some parts of the tour through the cave with low headroom and uneven natural floors.  The video doesn’t really do the caves themselves justice – they are well worth the visit.

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