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font de gaume

This prehistoric cave is one of the few AUTHENTIC Paleolithic sites in the world still open to the public, but because it is so popular it is becoming notoriously difficult to visit. To help protect the beautiful Paleolithic polychrome paintings and engravings of bison, horses, mammoths and reindeer, tickets are restricted to a limited quota of day-of-visit sales.  Advance purchase tickets are no longer available. Tickets are only available by queuing on the day of your intended visit. Early arrival is essential – between 7.30 and 0800 during the main tourist season!  There is allocated numbered seating outside the ticket office. If you arrive and all seats are taken, you have missed the ticket allocation for that day and will need to try again another day.  Ticket sales are limited to one ticket per person. Multiple ticket purchases are not allowed; therefore your group who wish to visit must ALL be present at the ticket office at time of ticket purchase.  You will have a language option of either French or English but the time of the tour will be designated by the ticket office.  HOWEVER, if you are visiting between November and May, there is FREE entry to the site on the FIRST SUNDAY of the month.

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