Delaying booking because of Brexit worries?

Pound Sterling Live today says “The British Pound represents good value to investors on any bouts of weakness says a prominent City analyst who has indicated the currency is a ‘Buy on dips’ prospect.

Morgan Stanley┬áin London, suggests the outlook for Sterling remains constructive, despite Brexit politics entering a final ‘end game’ state. “We stand by our long-term view that the European Union will ultimately offer a codicil that might go some way in helping the Prime Minister.”

Morgan Stanley see any weakness in the Pound as being an opportunity to buy on the view that a solution to the ongoing Brexit impasse is possible. “As with any negotiation, it is hard for either side to back down until they need to. Markets have already placed a low probability on a no-deal Brexit, yet, “the probability of a no-deal Brexit remains small.”

What does this mean for you? Well, securing your holiday with a deposit whilst the pound is buoyant means you get more euros to pay for your euros, and using a currency firm such as Transferwise or Currencies Direct means you get a better exchange rate. AVOID THE RUSH – BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY NOW..

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