One of the tastiest varieties of mushrooms to search for, is the cep also known as the porcini, penny bun or it's scientific name Boletus edulis. Rec
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We've had a nice review from guests who stayed in La Petite Roseraie and who have booked to stay in Le Bois Vert next year. Have just returned from
We are offering a special discount in our one bedroom gite from Sunday 6th October till Saturday 26th October. A 7 night stay in this beautiful gite
We took advantage of the cheaper ticket before 1pm offer today. It was only a few euros cheaper, but it all helps. What a great visit. Lots to see
I have a friend who designed one of these for her place in Paris and thought what an excellent idea for Gite Le Bois Vert. So, I'm populating it and
Lots of eating, drinking, laughing and dancing went on till very late.
Yes, it seems tonight will be a fun packed evening and Ive never been so sought after apparently! All my neighbours and friends have been asking are
Soon the grapes will be swelling and colouring up and the apples in the orchard will need pressing. So much to look forward to in autumn - wine, grap